Food/Cooking Carnival November 2008

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tilapiaGood Recipe for Frozen Fish?

GrrlScientist is a seafood lover but has problem to find proper ways to cook frozen fish.

Check out the original article to read about Tilapia cooking problems and questions HERE. Please, post your responses/advices in our comment form.

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applesauceKatie presents Those Apples Are Getting Saucy posted at Making This Home.

Excerpt: “Homemade applesauce is in a league of it’s own. I can’t even tell you how amazing it tastes. … Once you try making your own, you might not be able to ever return to the store-bought stuff. The image of bruised and massacred apples in a store bought jar that tastes, I don’t know, a little like metallic mush versus the heaven coming from your oven? There’s just no comparison.”

chutneyKara presents Papaya Chutney posted at An Hour In the Kitchen. Papaya Chutney, simple, delicious and good for you!

Find out how you can prepare Papaya Chutney that goes well with anything – fish, pork, chicken, …



CzechFolks present Milionova Polevka – a Czech soup so easy to make.

Learn more about European cooking. Milionova polevka is translated to English as “Million Soup” – probably worth millions since it saves time and can be prepared any time and anywhere from simple ingredients.



turkeyAllison presents How to Cook a Turkey posted at AfterGraduation. A simple and easy way to cook a turkey for the holidays, even if you’ve never done it before .

Excerpt: “Thanksgiving is coming up in the United States…do your know how to cook a turkey?”

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recipe_turkeytetrazziniAlan Wayler presents HERBED TURKEY TETRAZZINI posted at A Weight Lifted.

Excerpt: “Well, it is hard to find a better turkey leftover casserole recipe, but you be the judge!”



gargonelliAlan Wayler presents Garganelli with Prosciutto and Arugula posted at A Weight Lifted.

Excerpt: “This easy garganelli recipe captures the essence of the Emilia-Romagna area of Italy and uses many ingredients indigenous to the region: pasta, Parma prosciutto, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, fresh tomatoes and arugula.”


green_beansAlan Wayler presents Green Bean and Red Potato Salad posted at A Weight Lifted.

Excerpt: “This recipe also features new red potatoes, fresh from local gardens this time of year as well.”


food-pyramidFiona King presents 100 Best Health Foods for Seniors Geriatric Nursing Certification posted at 100 Best Health Foods for Seniors.

Excerpt: “While each senior has different nutritional needs and unique health conditions that affect what they are and are not able to eat, we’ve put together a rough guideline of 100 of the best health foods for seniors.”

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peppercornKara presents Papaya Peppercorn posted at An Hour In the Kitchen.

Turn papaya seeds in peppercorns! “Apparently the seeds have the same good enzymes that the fruit has, so grind away!”






recipesJoanne presents Getting Started With Once A Month Cooking posted at Simply Saving.

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beef-stew-recipeTJ Anders presents Beef Stew | TJ-Anders ~ Just The Basics posted at TJ Anders.

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Kate presents A Simple Walk: Versatile & Strechy Chicken Taco Filling posted at A Simple Walk.

Excerpt:  We have been eating this as traditional tacos for a long time. But over the past few months I have been playing around with it more and finding lots of other ways to use it.


3 Moms presents Scrumptious Sunday posted at Happy to be at Home.

Excerpt: Time for another Scrumptious Sunday. This is an easy recipe that one of my Weight Watchers friends gave me. It is a perfect holiday treat since everyone always seems to have a can of pumpkin in the pantry this time of year.


vanila-exctractKara presents Vanilla Extract posted at An Hour In the Kitchen.

Kara said: “I love finding recipes for things that I thought you could only buy in a store. I especially love them when they are easy and better than what you can usually find. All you need to make vanilla extract is a few vanilla beans, vodka and a little time to steep.”







pumpkin-bread1Bobby presents Pumpkin Bread Recipe posted at Free Online Recipes | Free Recipes.

Bobby said: “It’s that time of year again, the time for that moist and delicious pumpkin bread. Pumpkin bread is very common and I’m sure most of you have tried it at least a few times. If you have any left over pumpkins, it’s a great way to make good use of them. This recipe calls for canned pumpkin but if you want to use left over pumpkins, you can make pumpkin puree by roasting the pumpkins in your oven, scooping out the insides and mashing or putting them in a blender.”


kids1Joanne presents Fun Easy Recipes For Kids: Breakfast posted at Fun Easy Recipes For Kids.

Excerpt: “Kids love to create things, so it’s no wonder they love to cook. If your children, or grandchildren, show an interest in helping you cook, breakfast might be a good place for them to start.”


plum-sauceKudzumaster presents Recipe: The Best Cranberry Sauce Ever posted at Plum Kreative.

Excerpt: “This sauce goes great with pork, poultry, veal, ice cream, and pancakes.”



ham-and-eggsHappyCampers presents Breakfast For A Crowd: Ham & Eggs On Croissant posted at Reese’s View Of The World.

Excerpt: “Breakfast for a crowd, made for relatively cheap, & filling enough to hold everyone for a few hours until you can get the turkey to the table!”



Vic presents Makeing Yogurt At Home posted at Yogurt Maker Central.

Vic said: “Have you ever considered making yogurt at home? In this article I’m going to discuss some of the benefits of making this healthy snack at home. And the good news is that not only is it better for you than the store bought product, it will save you money as well.”


Katherine McMahon presents A trip to Greece….In your kitchen! posted at Gluten Free Alaskan Goddess.

Katherine said: “Ah Greek Food. The endless amounts of tzatziki sauce, fig leaves, and hummus. I grew up with quite a few Greeks back in Alaska, apparently once one of them decided that a barren land of ice and snow would be better than the sun and crystal clear blue water, all the rest of the family thought it was a great idea too!”


Amanda Harris presents Best Kept Recipes: Cranberry Sauce posted at Best Kept Recipes.

Amanda said: “Why homemade? Because it’s so much better than the canned stuff. The canned stuff is good enough but why not give it a whirl? You’ll dazzle your holiday guests when you present this.”


chicken-potAmanda Harris presents Best Kept Recipes: Chicken Pot Pie Made Easy posted at Best Kept Recipes.

Excerpt: “Oh what comfort food this is! And what a breeze to make. Refrigerated pie dough by Pillsbury makes this worthy of serving to company. Sure homemade is always better than store-bought, but for a weeknight meal this is just fine! We had buttered egg noodles and broccoli with it. ”


Chef Tom presents Knockwurst & Sauerkraut posted at Chef Tom Cooks – Recipe Blog.


Julie maloney presents Mmmeatloaf! | The Cool Mom Guide posted at The Cool Mom Guide.

Julie said: “I never liked meatloaf.  It’s one of those foods that reminds me of a snowflake-no two are alike.  Some have cheese, some load with veggies.  Everyone has their own way of making it and I had never found one that peaks my interest-until now.”


Piera Jolly presents The Jolly Kitchen: Toddler Food posted at The Jolly Kitchen.


pom-saladNick Evans presents The Perfect Pomegranate Salad posted at Macheesmo.

Excerpt: “I know that salad is not the first thing that people think of when they think of Thanksgiving and it shouldn’t be. But I guarantee you that if you make this salad, it will be the star of the pre-turkey show. It only includes 4 ingredients and a dressing, but it is mouthwatering.”


Tomato Lady presents Saturday Morning Oatmeal Biscuits posted at Little House in the Suburbs.

Tomato Lady said: “Yes, these biscuits aren’t going to win any high-rise contests (no they’re not cookies!), but they are good and, incidentally, nutritious. The fat is trimmed down considerably with the addition of plain yogurt–that, and the whole grain content, will put a twinkle in your cardiologist’s eye.”


Mr. Hamburguesa presents Exotic Hamburgers posted at Hamburger, saying, “Have you ever tried an ostrich burger or a buffalo burger?”

Excerpt: “Smoothies can be a great breakfast or snack choice when you need to up your intake of fruits, veggies and protein. While not all of these smoothies are the right health food options for all people, they do provide great alternatives to carb-laden meals, fatty desserts and diets free of fruits and vegetables. Here are our picks for 100 delicious and easy-to-make smoothies.”


Fiona King presents 100 Delicious & Easy-to-Make Smoothies That Work Wonders for Your Health posted at


whole-wheat-breadZestyCook presents Quick and Easy Whole Wheat Bread posted at ZestyCook, saying, “Quick and Easy Whole Wheat Bread”

Excerpt: “Happy Thursday everybody!  Today’s post (like the rest of the week) is dedicated to super easy to prepare food that tastes great.  I was talking to my great friend yesterday and I asked him what I should make and post about for Thursday.  He said “Zesty, why don’t you make a killer loaf of homemade whole wheat bread that is super simple to make”.  I said “JT, that is an awesome idea!”  So here I am, getting ready to share with you a quick and easy version of whole wheat homemade bread.”


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